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    Dino Kids Finding Eyes
    Well, my dear friend we have a question for you? How good are your observing skills? Do you notice some small details around you that other people don't, or you just don't look further than your nose? Well, if you have a sharp eye, you will definitely get a high score in this game, but if you belong to the second category, you can actually improve your observing skills! So, let's see what you need to do here?!?

    Game Walkthrough: And here is how you can assess you observing skillsyou see two nice and cool dino pictures! These are almost identical pictures on your screen, so your task is to find all the differences between them. By the way, there are 5 small things that are different in the pictures. So, open your eyes wide and scan the two pictures carefully until you come across a spot that is different! After you see a spot like this, you should click on it, and it will be circled, so that you will know that you have found it already. The positive thing is that there is no time limitation, so you can spend as much time as you need in order to find all these 5 differences. If you just can't do that, you can also use hint! After finding all these spots, you will be able to go the next round!!!

    Game Instructions: Ok, now, we need to tell you just one more thing. If you have never played a hidden object game before, you should know that in this games the computer mouse is the one and only tool you need to play! Yeah, so grab it in your hand and as soon as you notice a difference between the pictures, just place the mouse cursor at the exact spot and click with the left mouse button right away! But let us warn you about this clicking.you should be really careful and place the mouse cursor on the exact spot, because you can easily lose points for clicking on an incorrect spot. Well, we hope that everything is clear, so if it is, you can start your quest in this nice hidden object game!!! Good luck and find all the differences!!!


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    Dino Kids Finding Eyes

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    Published on: 06.09.2012
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