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    It is time to assess your observing skills! Are you prepared? We hope you are, because this is a great and very challenging 'spot the difference' game that will give you that possibility!!! So, come on! Let's see what are the rules here?!?

    Game Walkthrough: Well, if you haven't played a 'spot the difference' game before, you should know that this is the best way to assess, as well as to improve your observing skills! You should also know that this is not one of the those extremely difficult spot the difference games you can play online, and for this reason exactly it is great for you if you are a beginner! But if you are experienced, and if you have awfully sharp eye, you might find it not challenging enough! So, let's get started! You will see 2 almost identical pictures on the screen. And yeah, you might think that they are identical and there is nothing to point as a difference, but look closerlook betterand you will definitely notice some slight details that make the two pictures a little bit different. Those pictures are really nice and pleasing, so you will really have a nice time playing this game! By the way, you will have to locate 5 differences between the pictures and you should have in mind that each time you play the game; the differences will not be the same! Yeah, you will have to find new ones!!! After finding a difference you should click on it and it will be marked right away, so you can continue with your quest!

    Game Instructions: Ok, so for the reason that this is a spot the difference kind of game, and your task is to click on the differences you will find, the only thing you need is your computer mouse! So, each time you come across a difference, just place the mouse cursor on the exact spot and hit the left mouse button! That's all you need to do, my dear friend!!! So, if you are ready, you can start this great and amusing game!!!


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    D Finder

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    Published on: 10.09.2012
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