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    Lost futures of Atlantis
    If we think about the relations cause consequence, we may find that many things would be totally different if only one tiny segment from our past was just a little bit different. And if we continue thinking like that, we could fill ourselves with tons of regrets and discontent about everything so the answer would be to accept the things as they are and believe that that was the perfect choice

    Game Walkthrough: The game that follows doesnt include some kind of story but it introduces you the circumstances in which those pictures are taken (or at least imagined). You have probably heard of Atlantis, the legendary island that disappeared suddenly. According to the stories everything on this island worked perfectly and many people tried to discover what was the reason for that perfect harmony. So, this game shows us some pictures, how our future would look like, if Atlantis didnt disappear. The game that follows is a regular type of a find the difference game with a small difference of the common type. There are two similar pictures between which there are 10 differences that need to be found. The thing is that those pictures are like picture and its reflection in the mirror, so for example what is left in the real picture, it is right in the reflection. You should have this in mind and find the differences that appear in each pair of pictures, respecting the given time. You wont see something like stop-watch on the screen bur there are many cubes on the right side, in different colors, and as the time runs out, they disappear one by one. Also if you make a wrong move, you lose a cube again and the end of the game becomes near again. When it is about using a hint, you could not count on that during the game, but believe us; you will get it in the moment when you most need that, in the moment when youll think that there is nothing to be done, just be patient.

    Game Instructions: You play this game by using the left mouse button. Observe the both pictures carefully and when you see that something is different, click on it with the mouse.


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    Lost futures of Atlantis

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    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 18.09.2012
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    mabby (2 months ago):
    This one is not working, thanks guys.
    hayu (3 months ago):
    All that comes on is butfreegames.
    bobby1 (8 months ago):
    this game DOES NOT WORK taking up space where a good game could be all you get is ads boo boo
    bob66 (2 years ago):
    game does not load too bad

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