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    Ghost Revenge
    Ghost Revengehmma very interesting title for a hidden object game, and to be more precise a 'spot the difference' kind of game! So, since it is this kind of game you will of course have to find some differences, but not just thisyou will have a chance to follow a really interesting story about a girl on the street! So, let's see what is it all about?!?

    Game Walkthrough: Yeah, apart from searching the differences on those two almost identical pictures that you will see on the screen, you will be able to explore this story and find out what happened with the girl on the street?!? And how far you will get with the story depends on your observing skills! So open your eyes wide, find all the 6 differences on the first pictures in order to proceed and see the next pair of pictures which actually depict another scene on the street and so on. You can play this game with a hint or without it! This depends on you! If you choose to play with hint, you will notice small yellowish golden star dust showing on those places where the difference is, so you should look there. This can help you a lot! When the score is concerned, you should know that it depends on your speed, so the faster you find the differences, the higher your score will be! By the way, you can see your score, as well as the level number and the remaining number of differences at the bottom part of the game screen, just below the pictures!

    Game Instructions: The computer mouse is the only thing you need to play this amazing hidden object game. And since this is a point and click kind of game, the only thing you need to do is to do is to point the mouse cursor at the spot where you will notice the difference and click on that spot with the left mouse button! That's all, my dear friend, so if you are ready for this challenge, go ahead, find all the differences and see what happens at the end with the girl!


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    Ghost Revenge

    You need a plugin to play this game! click here to download.

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 76,177
    Published on: 20.09.2012
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    BluAngel (5 years ago):
    I love this one. Played it several years ago and I'm glad to find it again. 6-2017