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    If you like shopping centers but you also like find the difference type of games, you will especially love this one. Not that those two things have something in common but it is not strange a person to like those things, isnt it? This game takes you to a shopping in one very big shopping center and you will visit many departments, so take the journey and enjoy.

    Game walkthrough: So it is time to start the journey. Youll be visiting all kinds of stores, for clothes, shoes, furniture, books and in each of those pictures (which are six in total) you would need to find 5 differences. Actually you get two variants of each picture, they look same at first sight but if you look more carefully, you will notice the differences. It is interesting that in this game, the process of finding differences is compared with the ability to notice that there is a discount in some store, so you if you are good in that, you may have eye for this game two. And yes, you need to spot the differences but there is one more thing. At the right upper side of each picture there is one green bar that tells you how many differences are yet left but also it shows the time running away, so it becomes black with time. If you dont manage to find any difference in some picture, the game wont end but you wont earn any points. You may finish the game with zero points, but that is not something you could be proud of. The point of each game is to be as good as you could and aim for the highest score too, so have this in mind and open your eyes good. The game does not provide a possibility to use a hint so do your best by your own.

    Game instructions: The controls for playing the game are really, really easy. Once you spot some of the differences, just click on it using the left mouse button and thats it, you may move on the next difference and so on until you pass all pictures.


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    Genres: ForFun
    Played: 34,767
    Published on: 22.09.2012
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    patches48 (8 months ago):
    good game but you don't get enough time to find all

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