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    Fifty Five Vienna
    Have you ever been in Vienna? In case you haven't this game will give you a chance to visit some places in this great city, the capital of Austria and see all those splendid buildings, parks and castles!!!

    Game Walkthrough: If you start to play this game you will definitely enjoy in the beauties of Vienna, but since this is a hidden object game, you will have to accomplish a task, right? Well, yeah, your task here is to spot the five differences between the two almost indistinguishable pictures. In this game you should actually point the mouse cursor on the picture where the item is missing, which makes the things a little bit more complex, because you can easily place a little bit to the left or to the right, and if this happens you will lose points. So, be careful, make a really good estimation about the exact spot of the missing item and when you are absolutely sure, click! You should have a really sharp eye to accomplish this task, buddy, so we hope you have it! Make an effort to find all the differences between the images and have in mind that this game is time limited, so you have 50 seconds to do that! If you can't find a difference, you have an option to use a joker, so if you find this necessary, use it, but have in mind that your time will decrease this way! Each time you restart your game, you will be given different images, depicting a different place in Vienna!

    Game Instructions: Here is what you should do and what you need to play this great gameif you are one of those passionate hidden object games' players, than you probably know that the only tool you need to play these games is your computer mouse. So is the case with this one. You only have to take it n your hand, place the mouse pointer at the exact spot where something is missing and click on that particular spot with the left mouse button! That's all pal! So, find all the differences in the given pictures from Vienna and have a nice walk throughout this magnificent city!!!


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    Fifty Five Vienna

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    Published on: 27.09.2012
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