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    Alphabet Garden
    Many people dont like autumn but we are sure that the following game could change their opinion. Here are involved three amazing pictures of gardens, taken in autumn, and every person will get charmed watching the incredible sights, those wonderful shapes and colors supplemented by the rain that falls so calmly and quietlyits a real autumn idyll.

    Game Walkthrough: Those gardens look amazing and together with the jazz sound they bring us one nice experience but in this case wont be just about enjoying wonderful gardens, there is some job to be done. The letters of the Latin alphabet are successfully hidden in each scene and your task is to find all of them. You have four minutes and nothing more to pass the first level of the game and that is condition to keep on the second level, and only if you pass the second level, you can go on to the third one. We think that this is challenge plus for you, because the curiosity is one of the main human characteristics and we are sure that you wont be satisfied with less. Concentrate well and find all the letters but in case that you make a wrong move, 5 seconds from your time will be wasted instantly, but not just that, 10 points from your score will be reduced as well. Thats why we advice you not to .go for some random moves, open your eyes good and try to find all letters without catching some possible shortcuts.

    Game Instructions: No, this is not one of those simple hidden object games that you may solve right away. For this one you will definitely need to have sharp observational skills since those letters are hidden so good - it seems like they totally melt in the surroundings. This part is the challenging one but the instructions and the controls for playing the game are as easy as they can be. All you need for playing it is the mouse or more precisely, the left mouse button. When you spot a letter in the scene just point it with the mouse cursor and click with the left mouse button. At that moment the letter will disappear from the scene but also it will become gray on the given list. For using the hints you will also use the mouse, again you click on the hint sign - the hourglass - and you will get the wanted help. This option can be used twice in each level but from one hint to another hint you should wait the hourglass to fill again and then go for the second hint.


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    Alphabet Garden

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    Published on: 28.09.2012
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    19racerlady (2 years ago):
    No Fun..
    mabby (4 years ago):
    Where is the hint? I press the item but nothing happens!

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