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    Noir Escape
    Lets bring some mystery in your everyday life! Stability may sound right but sometimes it could be quite boring, so lets give a chance to discover something new and exciting Welcome to this

    Game Walkthrough: At the beginning of the game the narrator is telling you that he has arrived in someones office in the late afternoon. It seems that he needs to investigate someone that works together with him Things open up gradually, the game is played in first person, you actually have the sight of the narrator and you will realize very soon that its about a private investigator that needs to investigate his colleague this time, but suddenly he has been hit by something on his head. Youve been unconscious for a while, you sow some shadow behind you but you dont have clue who was that And that is when your investigating work starts. You are in an office and you need to explore everything carefully. This room has been locked and you dont have the key to open it but still, you dont have to get upset so fast. Get calm and start searching for clues. You dont know what should you look for but definitely there will be some objects that lead to something. Try to be as detailed as you could and search in every corner, try to move certain objects, see what is inside some objects You will realize that things are turning around certain Marie Overton; maybe you will find some useful things about her because here is her dossier. Try to combine everything with everything and always have in mind that this game is not easy because you have to be really concentrated and give a lot of effort to get to the answers. Actually you need to act like a real investigator and you may guess that curiosity and persistence are the two main characteristics of every P.I.

    Game Instructions: This is a point and click game. With clicking with the left mouse button, you do everything in the game. By clicking on something you move through the space, then again by clicking on some object you see what it is hiding and so on.


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    Noir Escape

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 03.10.2012
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