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    Silent Hill
    In front of you there is another excellent hidden object game that includes a lot of beautiful pictures. They are actually landscapes of some hill that looks amazing and we guarantee that they will give you peace and enjoy while you play because you will definitely relax and give some rest to your eyes while you play. The pictures are taken in different seasons so you will enjoy snow landscapes, beautiful sights in spring with a lot of vegetation, then some sunny pictures, but also some pictures taken in autumn when the whole nature has some golden-yellow color.

    Game Walkthrough: But however, since this is a hidden object game, you cant just look at the pictures, doing nothing there is some work for you to be done. At the start of the game you will see that this game includes a lot of levels, a lot of pictures, but they are all locked, except the first one. Condition to go on a next level and see the next picture is to find all the numbers that are hidden in the picture. Actually it is about five numbers and those numbers are given at the right side of the picture, so you could know what you should look for. In order to earn a lot of points, you need to pass each level fast. For every found number you get 25 points but for every wrong move, you lose 5 points, and you decrease your chances for getting some bonus at the end of the game. Good thing about this game is that in each level you could have as many hints as you need, but on other hand there is a negative thing about this too. When you have used a hint, you cant use another right away but you need to wait the hint bar to get filled.

    Game Walkthrough: So, when you see some of the numbers, click on it using the left mouse click and thats it, there is not anything complicated about the instructions. To use a hint, also click the reveal baton at the bottom of the picture and thats it.


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    Silent Hill

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    Published on: 10.10.2012
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    All comments (7)
    GENO (3 years ago):
    GENO (3 years ago):
    I agree mabby, I wasn't great but got used to it and could see them.
    mabby (4 years ago):
    Really beautiful, at first looks so difficult, but then the eyes just can see them. Thanks guys.
    patches48 (6 years ago):
    i agree numbers should be bigger
    psleeprice (7 years ago):
    still too small.  magnifying glass does not work on a computer
    Diane (7 years ago):
    picture is too small to see numbers, can't play these small pictures and small objects and numbers. total waste of time