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    Blue Room Escape
    Perhaps you are wondering what can be bad about a blue room People say that the blue color relaxes your mind and your eyes, so you would feel calm when watching in this color but yes, there is something bad about the blue room... What if you are locked inside and it seems that there is no way out??? In that case it wont be important if the room is blue or some other color because after long time spent in one place, everything will bother you, even if there is the greatest luxury around you. But however, we are sure that you would succeed escaping this room with no trouble, so see what this game is about.

    Game Walkthrough: You are in this room and you need to find your way out. It is good that there is no time limitation for playing so you are free to think deeper and show your logics at the same time. You need to search each corner of the room, every possible place, and find some clues that will help you escape from there. Needed objects are usually hidden behind something, so as we said, check out every possible spot and objects. When you've found something, it goes into the inventory field (positioned on the right side of the picture) and it should be used for certain purpose. That purpose is not given so open, but you have to figure it out by yourself. For example, there is a matchbox and a candle, it is not written anywhere that you need to fire the candle but you could easily figure it out by your own, and it is like that with the other objects too. Also there are few puzzles in the game that ask from you to figure out certain number combination, then a combination of colorseverything in order to find the final key, for opening the room and escaping from there.

    Game Walkthrough: You will play this game just by using the mouse. You need to click everywhere in the blue room and research every corner. When you spot some useful item, click on it again and it goes in inventory. For combining some items, you click on one of them and drag it to the other. When you are on some particular spot, clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the picture will bring you on the total overview of the scene again.


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    Blue Room Escape

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    Genres: Mystery | ForFun
    Played: 86,295
    Published on: 14.10.2012
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    bobby1 (4 years ago):
    att   if this game does not work WHY have it i been here 20 times and it still does not work  its just taking up space
    bobby1 (4 years ago):
    this game does NOT work i click on items and nothing happens get new one or replace with another one
    cats246 (7 years ago):
    Clap hands  Clap hands took awhile but I got it!!