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    Little Girl - Hidden numbers
    Here it says little girl hidden numbers and that is actually what this game is about, but this girl is not any girl, actually it is about Little Red Riding hood, she is the main character here. You probably remember her, she is that girl that wears red hood and she went to her grandmother, to bring her some stuff to eat because she was not feeling so good at the moment. But on her way there, in the woods, she met the wolf who asked her about everything, what she does, where will she go and she answered him all, thinking that he is a good person But however, we wont tell you the whole story about Little Red Riding Hood, so you wouldnt know if here is the exact story or some interesting modification. We think that this would be enough challenge for you, to start the game and try to get to the end.

    Game Walkthrough: And as we said, the other part of the game are the hidden numbers. There are few pictures in the game and in each one of them are hidden the numbers from 1 to 20 and your task is to find them all. Completing one picture is actually a condition to go into the next level, which is another picture, so to get the whole story; you better figure it all out. For every found number you get 100 points but for the wrong move, you lose 10 points. Another thing that you need to have in mind is that you have to reveal the numbers fast because only that way you have the chance to get some extra points at the end of the level. You may play the game as long as you wish, you can be as slow as you like, but that way you cant fight for the highest score and thats where the challenge lies, right? The only lack of this game is that there is no pause in it, so if you aim for that highest score, you better start it in the moment when you have enough time to finish the whole game.

    Game Instructions:The instructions for playing the game are definitely very easy one you spot some number in the picture, you simply click on it with the left mouse button.


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    Little Girl - Hidden numbers

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    Published on: 17.10.2012
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