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    Abandoned Castle
    Have you ever met Sneaky? You may guess by his name that he is some guy that likes to sneak around but actually this is his work since he is a private investigator. This time Sneaky is sent to some abandoned castle where he needs to find the hidden treasure, late Earl Silverman was talking about if you feel intrigued by this story, continue reading and you will see how could you be involved in this story.

    Game Walkthrough: So with starting this game you automatically get involved in the action. Before your eyes there is a picture of some castle and there you need to look for certain clues. You may guess that you are now in the role of Sneaky and you need to find the hidden treasure in those castles. The game starts with one picture and you need to find clues there but also you are allowed to visit the other castles too and search what you can find there too. When you have found something that seems to be interesting and useful for discovering whats going on there, it will go in the inventory and you can open it to see its function. Except the clues that will lead you somewhere, there are also some coins that need to be collected in order to earn a lot of points.

    Game Instructions: For collecting the clues you will use the mouse. That means that when you see something that you think that will be useful for the game, point it with the mouse cursor and click with the left mouse click and you will have that item in the inventory. For collecting the coins, you also use the mouse again point with it and click. To walk from one to other picture, follow the small arrows that appear on the four sides of the pictures, again click on the arrow.


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    Abandoned Castle

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure | ForFun
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    Published on: 21.10.2012
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