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    Mystery Park
    For every great private investigator, there is not such a pleasure like solving a mystery case the harder it is, the pleasure is bigger! Get into the world of the great investigators by clicking play that is written in the loop, and the adventure may start! In front of you there is one challenging game that involves you in one particular case that needs to be solved. As the title in New York Times says, a medallion has been stolen from the royal family. It is about a very valuable medallion and important medallion for the family and thats why they offer a high award for the one that will find it the award is 2000 dollars. The money is all right but also this sounds like an excellent adventure that involves a lot of excitement

    Game Walkthrough: However, this private investigator in the game thinks that this would be the easiest earned money in his life, and a nice chance to get out from his office for some fresh air, but lets see if he is right?! The game includes 5 scenes that need to be explored, in order to find the royal medallion. At the beginning you get only the first scene and your job is to find the eight objects that are hidden there. The list of the objects is given at the bottom of the picture, and the names of the objects are given written. You have three minutes when you start the game and that is actually the time available for you, to find the eight objects that are hidden in the scene. For every object that youve found, you earn 50 points but with every made mistake, you actually lose 5 from the seconds given for playing but also you lose 10 points of your score. Each scene is taken at night, so you better have that in mind and open your eyes good because wrong moves will only lead you to game over. Once youve finished the first scene, the second one opens and so on. In case that you dont manage to finish some level, the game ends but next time you may choose between all the scenes that youve passed, you dont have to start the game all over from the beginning. There are two chances to use a hint in every level, but after youve used it once, you need to wait for a while, the hourglass to get filled, and then use it again.

    Game Instructions: As we said, sharp observational skills are required for the game because every scene is taken in dark so the objects are not so obvious. However, once youve spotted something, the job is almost done because the next move is just to click on that object using the left mouse button and you are done, you need to go for the next one. For using a hint you also click, but this time on the hourglass given at the bottom of the scene.


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    Mystery Park

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure | ForFun
    Played: 224,892
    Published on: 22.10.2012
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    All comments (10)
    19racerlady (2 years ago):
    Not a Hidden4Fun standard game....poor quality...
    hayu (3 years ago):
    It would be nice if the 1st. puzzle wasn't the last.
    Ward (3 years ago):
    Game is too dark, so can't see much of what you need to find.
    Ward (3 years ago):
    I have Adblock and the games do load.
    Diane (4 years ago):
    If you have adblock the games won't load. I deleted adblock for that reason plus it caused a lot of other problems.
    Diane (4 years ago):
    Too dark and small. Can't see any objects. Why do you waste our time putting out these type of games??? Pure crap. Lets get back to the great games you do.
    Diane (5 years ago):
    hate these small games and objects, can
    t see them/
    psleeprice (6 years ago):
    I wouldn't know, it won't load.
    arlene (6 years ago):
    This game is too small to see anything, even if you magnify it.

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