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    Lost in the Garden
    Hmyou opened the game and there are eight fields, one of them is open and the other ones closedwhat to expect? Is there some mystery around those numbers, or some puzzle that needs to be solved? Well of course, this is another great game on our page, did we ever disappointed your expectation sometime? Never! So now click on that number one and see what is waiting for you inside.

    Game Walkthrough: Here is another super hidden object game that offers you a great challenge. The previously mentioned eight fields are actually eight levels that need to be passed in order to finish the game and each one of them takes you to other place, giving you another range of objects. However there is one theme that relates all the levels and that theme is garden. All levels, actually all pictures, are somehow related to a garden (some of them are taken in a garden, some near to it; some include objects that can be usually found in a gardenand so on). Once you open a level, you get a picture but also you get a list of objects that need to be found in that picture. The number of those objects is eight, and you can see them in a larger field, down from the picture. Actually you cant see them because they are listed by their names; you should read them and then look for them on the picture. For every found object you earn 50 points, but for every mistake that you may do, you will lose 10 points. you have a chance to use a hint in each level but after youve used it once, you need to wait for the hourglass to turn on the other side and then use it again, and in case that you dont have any more time available, you cant do that anyway. Also know that once youve passed certain level, you can go back to play t again, as many times as you wish, and in case that you lose in certain point, you dont start from the beginning but you can continue with the last played level.

    Game Instructions: And now the instructions for playing the game which are really, really easy. Once you have seen some of the wanted objects, simply click on it, using the mouse, or more particularly, using the left mouse button and thats it. You should do the same procedure if you need to use a hint, clicking on the hourglass.


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    Lost in the Garden

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    Genres: Mystery | ForFun
    Played: 339,390
    Published on: 24.10.2012
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    All comments (4)
    clatino1 (4 years ago):
    The bottom of the game is cut off so you can't find all the items.
    bobby1 (4 years ago):
    yes they cut off bottom of game cant see what your looking for
    Ward (5 years ago):
    Couldn't see all the names of the objects to be found.
    billbud (5 years ago):
    I love the slow relaxing easy listening jazz music of this "Lost in the Garden" hidden object game.

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