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    Hidden Numbers at School
    Some persons that live in smaller places could not realize how grandiose could school buildings be but because in big cities live a lot of children, schools should be bigger so they could have enough place for them. It is like that for primary schools and high schools but especially with the universities that gather students from all around the world, except the ones that are born and live there. And since schools are very nice and rewarding institutions by themselves, they surely deserve to be situated in some beautiful buildings.

    Game Walkthrough: In the following game you will have a chance to see five of the most beautiful school buildings in the world. Some of them are quite old and still keep the spirit of some past and different times while others are built according to the principles of the modern architecture. However, the both styles look amazing and we are sure that youll be admiring at them once you see them. There are five pictures given but watching them is not your only task in the game. You should look them carefully for sure, but you need to do that so you can find the numbers that are hidden in those pictures. It is about the numbers from one to fourteen and you have 120 seconds to find them in every picture, without available option for hint. In case that you dont manage to do that, the game will be over but if you like to enjoy searching for the numbers, without being under pressure about the time, choose the option remove time and play as long as you like. However, you are aware that finishing each level in shorter time is a bigger success then playing it forever.

    Game Instructions: We know that you know to count from 1 to 14 but however, for bigger overview of your achievements, the numbers are given under the picture. Once you spot some number, click on it with the left mouse click and it will change color in the picture and become red in the list. For making mistakes, you dont lose points or time but the mistake bar starts to fill and when it is totally filled, you lose the game, even if you still have time.


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    Hidden Numbers at School

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    Published on: 10.11.2012
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