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    Ok, in case that you love Japanese cartoons, you probably know what anime is but if you havent met those cartoons before, let us introduce you with few words about it. Anime comes from the English word animation; its something like shorter version of the pronunciation of the word, used in Japan. However anime has certain own characteristics, its a particular style. It includes stories that are full of action and also include some sf moments and themes from the future, all of that based on lively characters and bright graphics. It refers to cartoons but also to video games, series, commercials where this style is used. And in our case, as you can see, its about a game that uses anime characters and atmosphere.

    Game Walkthrough: So, this game includes anime pictures in which you need to find the letters of the alphabet. You probably know the alphabet but however for a better overview of your actions, you have all the letters under the anime picture. Once you start the game, the time starts ticking away. You have to concentrate well and finish your mission as short as possible because otherwise you wont earn a lot of points. Also be careful about making mistakes and random moves because for every wrong move you lose 100 points from your score. Playing the game wont be very easy, we should inform you that from the start, because it seems that the letters are melting with the pictures. They appear in almost same color as the background and sometimes they have same shape as some other object. It is useful that you have a loop for finding the letters and try to use it all the time because some letters is not possible to be seen with a naked eye. The third level differs from the other two because in it you get concrete tasks, to find concrete letters in a given time. It will be like this for example: find letter H in 20 seconds. You earn points depending on how many letters you have found.

    Game Instructions: The controls are easy you spot a letter, click on it with the left mouse button and you are done.


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    Published on: 12.11.2012
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