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    Vampire Romance
    In the time when princesses and brave knights walked over the earth, it wasn't like today at all. It is about heroic time when everything could be done in order to save the honor and make things to be remember for. Not to forget that in those ancient times there were many strange mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns, and maybe vampires

    Game Walkthrough: In the game that follows you will meet one brave knight, just like those that we've mentioned above. He has one quite unusually story to tell. He has waked up last morning without his beloved, without knowing how that happened. He is prepared to do for her, whatever he can and should, to find her and protect her. He has also decided to fight even against vampires if that would lead him to her heart and freedom. This knight has got to certain clues that tell him that his princess might be trapped in one old castle and thats when the real adventure begins. You need to help this knight find his girlfriend so first you should do is to find the objects in the given picture. There is a picture taken somewhere in front of the castle and under the picture there are certain objects that need to be found in the picture. Once you start with this picture the time starts running and you need to be really fast to get more points. There are two levels like this and after that you will get an unusual letter that says that some vampire has taken the princess, thinking that she is his true love. She has also made her invisible to the knight wont see her. After this letter there are two more levels same as the first ones where you will need to find hidden objects. For all four levels know that you have a hint, just you need to wait for the hourglass to be full and then use it. Once you finish all four levels, you will get a note from the princess that says that she is all right and there is just one more step to her salvation You better find that final clue, and see what will happen.

    Game Instructions: The hard part of this game is keeping the concentration up all the time, in order to detect those hidden objects that can appear to be tricky sometimes. As we mentioned before, the list of the wanted objects is given under the picture so you need to find those objects in the picture. Once you've spotted an object, just click on it with the left mouse button and thats it. To activate the hint, click on the hourglass. In order to earn a lot of points, try to finish all levels fast enough.


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    Vampire Romance

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    Genres: Mystery | Romance
    Played: 268,176
    Published on: 13.11.2012
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    Ward (4 years ago):
    Can't play this game; scenes too dark so can't see objects very well.
    idahaynes505 (9 years ago):
    good game Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands

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