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    Maverie-The Mad Scientist
    Welcome to this interesting story about the mad scientists named Maverie. What do you think, why is so often the epithet madrelated to the scientists when we know that actually they are the smartest men in the world? Probably because they have those grand ideas that seem strange to a regular man but after some period of time it happens those ideas to change the whole human history and the world. No see what our genius Maverie has to tell you.

    Game Walkthrough: This is one interesting story about the young scientist. When you start the game you see this scientists standing there and feeling bored and that seems like nothing important However, you cant know how interesting this story is if you dont finish the given tasks. The game is divided into levels and to get the story, you need to find the differences that appear in the given pictures. So every level includes two pictures of the scientist in some situation and as you reveal the differences between the pictures, you get one part from the story. For example, you will see that the story does not stand on that boring point, there is one friend of Maverie that comes and brings some strange book that will definitely bring certain excitement in the lives of them both. It is about some aliens called OneEyes that has come near to the earth. Are Maverie and his friend Tom capable of facing this alien mystery? There is written in the book that those aliens know how to control people by hypnotizing them Well that depends on you! So as we said, each level has differences between the pictures that need to be found. For every found difference you get 5 points but you also lose 5 points if you make a mistake while searching. Also you have three types of hint in the game small, medium and big, so try to use them in the right moment.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are quite easy. Once you spot a difference, simply click on it with the left mouse button. Same goes for using hint you need to click on the wanted option on the hint bar.


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    Maverie-The Mad Scientist

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    Published on: 16.11.2012
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