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    An Unusual Beginning
    One more game that will make you feel like a real detective, set in the hotspot of the happenings. Believe it or not, at the beginning of the game you will get a real detective mission so lets see how you can manage it. We should begin with introducing you the story. Meet Officer Perry and detective Joe Moon. The officer explains that some person named John Doe is probably killed. He is surely dead and there is some blunt force trauma on his head, but no signs of struggle. The only witness of the crime is some butler, Alten Pierce, who says that wasnt at the property when the crime has happen and he doesn't know the killed man And thats the story in short strokes; here is where the real game starts.

    Game Walkthrough: So that is the story of the game, you got a short introduction and now its time to start your job. Here is the point when the game turns into a regular hidden object game. You are in some room and under the picture of that room there is a list of items that are hidden in the picture. The game actually has five levels and between all the items that should be found in each level, there are five items, one in every level, that are actual clues for the case. When you find all of them, that will mean that the case is clear. There is no time limitation for those levels; the point is to pass them so you can get near to the final answer but being fast will give you more points. You may use a hint as well but you should wait the hint bar to become full and then use it. Those levels make the game but also, between levels, there are small spot the difference games. They dont give you items as clues but have to be passed in order to get to the actual level.

    Game Instructions: Two types of games in one game, but the instructions for playing are same. When you spot a hidden item, click on it with the left mouse button of the mouse, or when you spot a difference between the two given games, click on it. for activating the hint, click on the hint button that is under the picture.


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    An Unusual Beginning

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    Genres: Mystery | Scary
    Played: 196,211
    Published on: 21.11.2012
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