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    Leprechauns Coins
    What is your opinion about the leprechauns? You probably know that those creatures are part of the Irish mythology; they are most of the times presented as old men always joking around, with green and sometimes red coat. They are tall as a small child but they have a beard and hat. As the myth says, leprechauns work all the time, making shoes and they collect the earned coins in a golden pot that is placed at the end of the rainbow. Also they have this skill to grant you three wishes in order to release them

    Game Walkthrough: And now please be welcomed in this fairy adventure. We need to tell you that you need to start the game in the moment when you feel that you have enough time and it is possible to get to the end because the game does not offer the pause option and if you dont have enough time to end it up, you would feel sorry that you've failed, one step from the end. This is very cute game that involves very interesting pictures. They are so colorful and involve one leprechaun story that we wont reveal you but we will challenge you to figure it out by yourself, finishing the given job. And your task in this game is to find the differences that appear between the pictures in this game. In each level you get two pictures with 5 differences between them. On the left side there is a clover and it becomes shorter as the time runs out. Your task is to finish with the differences on time, before the clover comes to the end. You may also use a hint during the game. Between levels you will get another game. It is about a puzzle game. First you get a whole picture; you are able to see it for few seconds and after some time it turns into puzzles, with parts totally mixed up. Your task is to compose the picture right.

    Game Instructions: When you find a difference, you just need to click on it and you are done with that, you may continue looking for the other differences. When it comes about the puzzle game, you would need to find the right places of the pieces so you need to click on one piece and them to other and they would change their positions. Continue like that until you have the whole picture done. To use a hint, click on the hint button and thats it.


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    Leprechauns Coins

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    Published on: 27.11.2012
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