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    Curse of the Dragon Egg
    You are welcomed in this fairy tale based game that speaks about this boy named Leon. For discovering the whole story you need to accomplish certain task but however we will give you some extra hint, just for you to be involved in the happenings. Leon is boy who lived in one nice village and everything was ok there until one day, one terrible dragon came into that village. This dragon had no mercy about anything and any one so he destroyed the whole village. However, our friend Leon managed to escape the dragon but the dragon has figured out that and he started chasing Leon, destroying every place he would run to. Leon heard that there was some wise man in the forest that could actually help him so he went there to find him And that is all from us, the other parts you will have to figure out by your own

    Game Walkthrough: So you have the chance to learn something about the story, perhaps we were too nice and we revealed you many thing ahead time but that doesnt mean that we helped you in your tasks, because you still have a lot of work to do. The game is divided into chapters and actually a condition to read the actual chapter of the story is to pass three levels of the game. In all levels your job will be to find the differences that appear between two almost same pictures. Those pictures are related to the story about Leon, but you get the actual after youve passed 3 levels, and so on, until you find out the whole mystery about the dragon. For every found item you earn 10, there are 6 items in each pair of pictures but you get even more points after the end of each level, some bonuses for being fast and precise. Also you have three hints in each set of three levels so be sure that you use them wisely.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing are very easy. You spot a difference between the pictures and you point at him with the mouse or your finger (moving on the touchpad) and then you click or tap on the touchpad to show it, easy like that. Then you go on the next difference, and the next


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    Curse of the Dragon Egg

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 113,153
    Published on: 05.12.2012
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    i love this game %u2665%u2665%u2665

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