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    Near House
    Each game gives you certain story. This one has an unusual story for you. It begins like this: you are in this old chaotic house, where everything is in a mess. The walls are not clean; the table is too much in disorder etc. The house is in this terrible state because of the witch. What she did is that she took a doll from the house and tore apart the doll into little pieces. The act of scattering the doll leads to misfortune house. So, its your task to bring back the happiness and joy to this house. To achieve your task, you need to find all the pieces of the doll and make the doll as it was in the first place.

    Game Instructions: Ok, before you enter into this misfortune house, you need to read the game instructions. Read the items that you are mentioned in the bottom line of the screen. Try to search them somewhere in the game-screen. If you notice a hidden item, aim with the mouse on it and click on it using the left mouse button. The next moment the item will disappear from the bottom list. Continue with the search for the rest of the items. If you cannot find certain item, use the hint system. Enough talking, lets start with the mission!!!


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    Near House

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    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 119,823
    Published on: 07.12.2012
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