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    Hidden Alphabet 12
    A, b, c, d, e, f, g Probably everyone should know the English alphabet, not just the ones that use it in everyday life, because we all learn English at school, dont we? In this game no one is going to ask you tell the alphabet or something like that, simply instead of items, you will look for hidden letters, so check out the game!

    Game Walkthrough: This nice hidden object game has five levels and in each level your job is the same to find all the letters from the English alphabet. And it doesn't matter if you know the alphabet or not, because under the picture you get all the letters. You will be actually searching in pictures of different rooms from some house and the letters are spread all around, most of the time written with similar color as their surroundings. That is what makes this game little bit challenging, but we know that you are not afraid from challenges. Your given time for finding all letters is 90 seconds so try to be fast.

    Game Instructions: For playing this game we recommend you to take the mouse, not the touchpad of the laptop. The thing is that the game is made like that that when you point at something your move is little bit trembling, not so precise. It is not up to you, simply the game is made like that and we believe that with the mouse you could have more precise move. So you move the mouse and as you move it, you actually move a loop that increases the objects in the picture so you could easily detect the letters. Once you spot some letter, simply click on it and it will disappear from the picture, including the list. Once you pass a level, you get a new one and it goes like that until you pass all levels. There is no chance to use a hint for this game and you dont lose any points or time in case that you make a wrong move. Actually you dont have a given clock while you play but the limit for finishing the level is 90 seconds and we are sure that it would be enough for you.


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    Hidden Alphabet 12

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    Published on: 09.12.2012
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