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    Reincarnationist Novels
    Past is something that has passed, and all things that weve done in the past stay there forever, but what about the consequences of those things? We are all convicted by our past because the consequences of our acts are something that cant be escaped of. However this thing is good for the development of the world in general because if it was opposite, we would still be stuck in Stone Age. And for usit is better to act right in every moment when it is still now so you wont have any problems when it will become past

    Game Walkthrough: This interesting things will bring you back many, many years ago, over 600 years ago in the Indus valley, where numerous tools were created. The point of the game is to find certain objects that will prove reincarnation, a theme that circulates around for a long time. Probably some object that can be found in the picture with the Incuses, in the time of Freud, and now for example, is something that will prove this The game has eight levels in which you need to find differences that appear between two almost same pictures. Every picture has its own story and its placed in a different time period, in different epoch of the human history. In every level your task is the same to find five differences between the pictures. For every found item you earn 10 points but you lose 5 in case that you make a mistake in some points. There is not a clock included in the main scene of the game but still you have to be fast because you cant get any bonuses if you are too slow. There are also two types of help available in the game shake and reveal. Shake will only point you the position of the object by becoming movable, while reveal gives you the whole object. Use them as its best for you.

    Game Instructions: so, you see a difference and you need to click on it with the mouse or use the touchpad. It doesnt matter on which one of the pictures youll point, as long as you dont make mistakes because for every mistake you lose five points. Get to work and show us if reincarnation is possible or not.


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    Reincarnationist Novels

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    Published on: 17.12.2012
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    bobby1 (4 years ago):
    are we in mexico or  usa
    BluAngel (5 years ago):
    Great game. 6-2017
    bob66 (6 years ago):
    very good game i give it a  10
    gabytas (8 years ago):
    gabytas (8 years ago):

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