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    Mysteriez 3
    We could call this game time challenge. It is once again hidden object game but not as the others because except searching for the objects, and observational skills, you would need to apply your skills for making associations. Read further and you would see what this game is about.

    Game Walkthrough: Five minutes is the given time period in which you need to accomplish your first task in this game, finding the hidden numbers. You will get one interesting picture, taken is some museum from the prehistory. Between all those dinosaur bones there are hidden the numbers from 1 to 40. Interesting about this game is that it is not simply and only about finding numbers. Yes, you should look for them but there is nothing given at you on a plate. All numbers do not have their regular shape but sometimes they could be the edges of the tiles, sometimes it is about some bone that is not exactly as the number but its made to be an association for you for number, then the number could be given in Roman numerals, or it could be given as a shadow that melts with its background As we said, you have five minutes to find those numbers and you dont have a chance to use a hint while you play. Since finding all those numbers is little bit hard, the developers of the game have allowed you to go on a next level even if you havent discover all the numbers but however, you should have found most of them. The next levels include other pictures but the task is the same and the time is the same.

    Game Instructions: The is played with a mouse or with touch pad on your laptop. By moving the mouse cursor (finger), you actually walk through the scene and you get a zoomed look of everything since the cursor is turned into a loop. When you discover a number, you click with the left mouse button or you touch the touchpad to select that number. Making a mistake will cost you 10 seconds from your time, and since you have so many numbers to find, that 10 seconds could cost you much, like losing the game.


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    Mysteriez 3

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    Published on: 21.12.2012
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    13saw46 (6 years ago):
    how do I get the games to start
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    type in hidden object games and a lot of them will pop up