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    Fantasy War
    It is not sure that the war in the following game ever happened or not but it is sure that we have wonderful fantasy pictures that will capture your attention for some period of time. You will enjoy the chivalric time, watching pictures of brave warriors in action, including pictures of the everyday life in that period. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn new things about history on one spontaneous and funny way, but we need to tell you that there could be some contemporary sights incorporated in the history. Are you impatient to see what is waiting for you?? Lets start the great adventure!

    Game Walkthrough: Fantasy War is a nice spot the difference type of a game that includes even 21 levels. All levels are part of a story that you might reveal but only if you manage to pass all the levels. Your task in each level is to find 5 differences that appear between the pictures in every level. Actually every level is consisted of 2 pictures that are almost same, except of 5 spots between them that are different. For every found difference you earn five points but in case that you make some kind of a mistake, you lose 5 of your points. the game does not include time limitation, you are free to take your time but we dont recommend you to relax too much, being faster will give you more points because of the bonuses that youll earn in case that you are fast enough. Also know that you may use a hint in the game. Under the picture there is one field where is written reveal, wait for some time this field to become green, and you are free to use the hint.

    Game Instructions: And before you start playing, you should better check out the instructions first and they are quite easy. You could use the mouse or the touchpad, as you wish. When you spot some difference, simply click on it with the mouse or tap on the touchpad with your finger, and thats it. Also know that the hint is activated on the same way. We know that you feel challenged to get to the end of the story so you better start right away!


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    Fantasy War

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    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 11.01.2013
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    All comments (5)
    sensiblejoyce (5 years ago):
    who no full screen? killerbeez says it all folks, dang.
    Mimma (6 years ago):
    I like this game. Thank you very muche for the bieautiful pictures
    Killabeez (7 years ago):
    Oh yes....I forgot to write down my score, but, at the end Score shows a big, fat 0!!!! Laughable.....
    Killabeez (7 years ago):
    THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!!!  Do Not Play It At All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Killabeez (7 years ago):
    WTF!!!! Why can you not only play the first one?????? I have played through THREE times...NO MISTAKES...NO HINTS ...and WELL UNDER THE TIME...the other levels still locked!!! Your description is not even written in proper English...ie: 'And before you start playing, you should better check out the instructions first and they are quite easy.' "You should better"???? Instructions easy? Yeah....but they tell you nothing about moving on!!! This WOULD have been a great game too, but, it now just ****s. Like you on Facebook? Oh yeah...NO!!!!!!!!