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    Nancy Drew is a detective, a real one and a good one! She will introduce you with this case that takes place in Hollywood. Nancy gets a letter from one producer, Molly where it says that there has been shooting on the set of the movie Pharaoh and some other strange things are happening. You will work together with Nancy and we hope that you will manage to solve the case.

    Game Walkthrough: The movie is maybe about a Pharaoh but however it is set in a modern environment and in current time. The game will take place in different rooms where the movie is made. Your task will be to explore those room good, in order to find the objects that are hidden there. Once you are done with that, you would need to combine those objects, in order to use them together. For example, you should get something like a bulb and it is positioned too high, so the next step is finding a tool that will help you reach there. There is a little help given to you, the objects that need to be found and go together, could be detected by the stars that are sparkling around them. Some of the objects are not for one use only; they hide something that needs to be explored more. For that you will use the options that appear under the main picture, and only when the marked field turns into blue. Also when you search certain location, watch the number that is positioned at the right upper corner, it tells you how many objects should you look for there. You will see that the story is very interesting and very captivating, so we are sure that you wont leave it before you get to the end, solving the whole case. Now do your job detective!

    Game Instructions: Youll be playing the game with the mouse or the touchpad. When you pass with the mouse or the finger over the wanted objects, you will see the stars sparkling and thats how youll know what is the needed. Once you see those stars simply click on the object and thats it. Point and click (tap) for every action, now lets do the case and solve those Hollywood mysteries!


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    Lights - Camera - Curses

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
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    Published on: 18.01.2013
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