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    Probably most of us act naive when we hear that someone is an investigator they have so exciting life, full of thrill, but we usually forget about all those side things that actually follow this profession. Sidny ONeal is a detective. After many days of hard work, he has decided to take his family on a vacation in some quiet village. Everything was great except that late call that woke up Sindy. There was a murder near to the same village so Sindy has to be at the place of the crime scene before the reporters. That sounds as an end of the vacation!

    Game Walkthrough: You may feel sorry for this detective but actually this is your only chance to get into the work of real detective, since youll be working on the case together with ONeal. It is time to search the house where the murder happened and to look for some clues that will help you solve the case. You will be exploring all the rooms in the house, searching for the objects that are given as a list, over the main picture if the crime scene. Right form this list there are three available options: a gun, a lamp and box with tools. Those options will help you do your job if you see that it is too dark to see, use the lamb and then explore the place; the gun is a good option if you feel that there is a chance the killer to be near you, while the box of tools includes different tools that will help you do your detective job better. The action of the game takes place in different rooms. You will start from the hall, and then you will enter one room, then search the stares and the final room. The number of hidden objects is different in each room, so simply follow the list and you wont have any problems. Certain items are smaller and you dont have the chance to use a hint in the game but that doesnt mean that they those objects will be invisible you should simply concentrate better and you will see that you are able to manage everything. Try to finish the whole house as fast as possible and you will earn a lot of points.

    Game Instructions: Before you start, check out the instructions for short. Youll be working with your mouse (or you may use the touchpad from the laptop). When you detect some of the objects, simply point at it with the mouse (finger) and click. Since you know what your job is, you may start with the investigation officer.


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    Unlock the Mystery

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure | Scary
    Played: 253,222
    Published on: 25.01.2013
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    19racerlady (2 years ago):
    This game should be deleted permanently..
    idahaynes505 (9 years ago):
    how can u play a game with no hint and when u be here all day looking for one item to win. Hmm...

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