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    Find the Numbers 48
    Finding hidden objects is one level of this type of games but for finding numbers or letters, we could say that it is one step up. The shape is a shape and you may find it more easily while the numbers in the games are usually smaller and more difficult to find. Your next challenge is exactly numbers so lets see how you can deal with them.

    Game Walkthrough: First let us entertain you with the theme of the game. That is not pointed out, but you will see that all the actions will take place somewhere near to a sea and include ships so if you love this kind of things, you will love this game too. And here is the harder part. You may enjoy the images but your task in this game is finding the numbers that are hiding there. It is about the numbers from 1 to 25 and we wont lie to you, you really need a good concentration to find them. Those numbers appear in colors that are very similar to their surroundings so you have to check up every place for more times, to find the wanted item. There are two things that also make your playing difficult. The first one is that you cant use a hint while you are playing, so everything is up to you. The second thing is that as you find the numbers, they actually dont disappear from the picture which is very often at those games. Disappear only the numbers given on the left side from the picture; those are there to show you what you should look for. Also it is not recommendable to make mistakes or random moves while you are playing. You will get 100 points for each found number, but you lose them immediately if you make a mistake.

    Game Instructions: And the final part, the instructions for playing. Dont worry about this because it is very simple. You observe the pictures carefully and once you spot a number, just click on it with the left mouse button. If you like to work with the touchpad of the laptop, you are free to do that.


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    Find the Numbers 48

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    Published on: 27.02.2013
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    bobby1 (4 years ago):
    i have played this game about 50 timesi think its time to get some NEW hidden numbers games on all 3 pages of your hidden numbers pages i have played about all of them boring     oct 18 17