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    Emilys Amnesia
    Ok, this is a story about a girl called Emily who has lost her total memory. She is in some junk place where everything is in real mess, and as she explains, she doesn't remember names, dates, places, like her brain has become totally empty. And not just that. She is feeling terribly, her back and feet hurt, but also she cant see clear because besides the memory, she has lost her glasses too.

    Game Walkthrough: That is the moment when your adventure starts as well. Because there is no one around Emily, you should act like a friend in trouble and help her find her glasses. That is actually what will happen in the first level. You get a list of objects that need to be found around the damaged car found by Emily, including those glasses. When she will be able to see better, maybe she could manage to find herself better in that unknown place. The action continues in front of some old house, so you better get inside that house. After that it is time to take a little ride and search some other place some other house and its roomsuntil you discover what it is about. Actually in every level you look for many objects but some of them are actually useful clues that will help Emily deal with her situation. For example finding a wallet with an address and taxi card could be great clue, then there is some sign with a mysterious address too... Every detail is important for helping the situation. The game includes few levels so you would have a certain period of good fun because besides the process of searching, there is an interesting story involve in the game. However, you shouldnt lose yourself with that story, or with Emily, because finding those items is your main task. While you do that, you better be fast because that will give you a lot of points and we hope that you will help Emily discover her true identity. It seems that we know much about her, but she simply doesnt

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing this searching mystery are quite simple. You read the wanted objects and you try to find them in the given picture. Once you spot something, you click on it using the left mouse button and you are done, you may continue with the next object. In each level you have two chances to use help and for doing that, you click on the help button and you get what youve wanted. In case that you are playing with a laptop, yes, it is ok to use the touchpad instead of a mouse. now you may start, we are sure that you are totally impatient to solve this strange situation.


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    Emilys Amnesia

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    Genres: Mystery | Romance
    Played: 463,249
    Published on: 07.03.2013
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    jackfrost (4 years ago):
    Ward (5 years ago):
    It's P-O-T-A-T-O-E-S not pottatoes. It's S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G not shooping.
    Ward (5 years ago):
    Wooden hook is along the right side of the screen. I just happened to click on it, not knowing it was the wooden hook.
    aimi87 (6 years ago):

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