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    Workshop - Hidden Objects
    Do you think that you could manage to deal finding some stuff in someones workshop? Well that would probably be hard in case that it is not about your place but in our case it is about a game, so try not to nervous if we have given you more challenging game this time. You would need just to concentrate more and thats it, you can handle this one too.

    Game Walkthrough: So what is the point of this game? You are in a workshop and you have a task to find all the items that are hidden there, but not literarily all items. On the top of the picture there is a list of objects and those are the ones you need to look for. In every level you have 10 items required and for that purpose you are given limited time period minute and a half for each level. Maybe you could find this time not enough for dealing with so much mess but in case that you dont manage to pass the level from fist, you are free to try it once again but your score will be reset. For every found item you earn points but in case that you make a mistake, or you think that you could go with random moves until you find the items, know that this is a bad idea. With every wring move you lose 10 seconds from your time, so you wont have enough time to finish.

    Game Instructions: Perhaps the game is little bit tricky since there are so many object in those workshops but about the instructions it is totally ok. You have the mouse in your hand? Then ok, simply point at the object that you have found and slick on it with the left mouse button. The item disappears from the list so you know how many items are left for finding. In case that you are on your laptop and you dont prefer playing with a mouse, you may use the touchpad instead. Have fun!


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    Workshop - Hidden Objects

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    Published on: 19.03.2013
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