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    Escaping the Vampire
    We could not choose who would we fell in love with but what if some bad curse is leading us to something that we dont want, but we must do?! The girl in the following game has been cursed by the vampire so every night she turns into a vampire too and becomes his mistress. She would like to escape and she probably could, but she cant escape from the spell once the night comes she will turn into vampires mistress again and she will be come back to him Now it is up to you to help this poor girl escape from the hands of this bad vampire because it seems there is nothing she can do if she is all alone. Some witch from the village has told the girl an old recipe that could break the spell and turn the girl back into her previous normal state, so it is up to you to help the girl in finding the ingredients for the recipe.

    Game Walkthrough: This game is very interesting for playing since it will take you from one place to another in order to find all the needed items and ingredients for the recipe. You will walk into some strange doors; get into some old house but also some castles, while some of the items could be found outside, in some park near the houses However, every level is a different place and in every place you look for two kinds of objects. On the left side from the picture you get a list of objects that need to be found. Some of the items are part of the magical recipe and once you find some of those items, it automatically goes into the inventory list. In every level you get one of those objects and once you are done with all the levels, the inventory list will become full. For every level you have 60 seconds to finish your tasks and you have two chances for getting little help in finding the objects. Now start working and help this beautiful girl escape from the evil spell of this scary vampire.

    Game Instructions: Your sharp observational skills will be truly needed for this game, together with your good concentration. Once you spot an object from the list, point at it with the mouse and click on it with the left mouse click. In case that you are playing on a laptop, you are free to use the touchpad instead if you prefer to play like that.


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    Global rating: 3.8/5 from 57 players.

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    Escaping the Vampire

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure | Scary
    Played: 922,252
    Published on: 21.03.2013
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    jackfrost (2 years ago):
    Annamarie (5 years ago):
    play to let the time go bye
    cats246 (8 years ago):
    most I've played so far are pretty easy..trying to go through and find a more challenging one.  Wave
    catwalk (8 years ago):
    these games could be a little harder.

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