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    Vickys Cleaning Service
    How often do you clean up your room? Do you leave it in total mess or you take everyday care of it? Well it seems that the owner of the rooms that are included in the following game is little bit lazy because his place is definitely not tidy at all! All around there are numerous objects and it looks as the most of them are not on its right place.

    Game Walkthrough: And since Vickys Cleaning Service is a hidden object game, you may imagine what your exact job will be to find the wanted objects. There are three levels included in the game three pictures in which you should look for the objects. Each picture is in total mess, you can find everything there and many objects simply dont fit to its surroundings but someone has forgotten to take care of that and here we are, to help this guy To know what should you look for, there is a list of items included under the main picture and as you discover the items one by one, they disappear from the list. That is good because that way you will have a better overview of your successes in the game. Finishing with all the items in one level is a condition for moving to the next level so open your eyes well, apply your observation skills and show us how quick you can pass all the levels, earning a lot of points. There is no help allowed for this game but we are sure that you are prepared for this type of a challenge and you will deal it with no troubles. Have fun!

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing are not the hard part of the game because they are quite simple and clear for understanding. The only instrument needed for playing the game is your mouse and nothing else. Once you spot some of the wanted items, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button to select it that is the whole procedure. In case that you are playing on your laptop, you may play with the touchpad in case that you dont have mouse or you dont prefer it instructions are same, there is no difference. In both cases the point is to be fast in your moves and flexible in spotting objects so you can earn a lot of points with no difficulty.


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    Vickys Cleaning Service

    You need a plugin to play this game! click here to download.

    Genres: Cleaning | ForFun
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    Published on: 28.03.2013
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    cats246 (9 years ago):
    it's a little too easy though..I'd like to see some hidden object games where you have to go through different things to solve it..like different rooms and collect inventory and have to use it to unlock things..that is more challenging than just collecting things!
    idahaynes505 (9 years ago):
    Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
    W9l4f12o23e18 (9 years ago):
    Nice game need more games similar to this one with no time limits. In other words you needs to tag games such as hidden objects games to verify that some hidden object games has time limits and downloads before any person can play them.

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