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    Search for Cats
    Soft kitty, Warm kitty, Little ball of fur. Happy kitty, Sleepy kitty, Purr Purr... The ones that have watched The Big Bang Theory know about the sweetest song about kittens. And in our game we have the sweetest kittens included, but they are hiding somewhere

    Game Walkthrough: As the title of this game says, it will be all about searching for cats in this game. The game is hidden object game in its basics but it included three different kinds of games in it that differ a little. The first level is a game where you need to find particular cats among numerous cats that are in the room. Over the main picture there are small pictures of the cats that need to be found so try to be fast and find them all in order to more into the next level. The time available for this level is 2 and half minutes and that is enough for finding the cats but the ones that youll find first will give you most of the points. The second level is hidden object game again but this time you dont have pictures from particular cats but you have to find all cats that are included in the picture. The third level is actually spot the difference game where you will get two pictures that seem same at first but if you observe them better, you will realize that there are some differences between them. All three levels offer option to use hint, but dont think that you can count on that all the time because with every used hint you lose 20 of your points.

    Game Instructions: Search the cats is a point and click game. That means that once you spot a hidden cat or you find a difference between the pictures, point at it with the mouse cursor. To select that cat, click on it with the left mouse button and thats it. And just one more thing. Pay attention, after youve clicked on a cat, it seems that someone is taking a picture of that cat so wait just a little, that picture to disappear and then go for the next cat because if you click on the taken picture it will be considered as a wrong move and you will lose some points.


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    Search for Cats

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    Published on: 28.03.2013
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