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    Hidden Alphabet 6
    In case that English is your native language, then ok, you have to know it, but people that are not native English speakers usually learn the English alphabet from that famous song A, B, C, D, Actually that is a wonderful way to learn something. The rhythm is connected to a particular letter so it gets into our brain more easily and we know that particular this for the rest of our lives. However, if we use a song for learning the letters in the previous example, here we are using letters for something else to practice our observational skills.

    Game Walkthrough: And the best way for practicing observational skills is looking for something, like in the following game. You get a picture of certain room and there are a lot of objects and details included there, but you have a particular job to do here to find the letters. You probably know which the letters of the English alphabet are but still, in order to have a better overview of the whole situation, they are given in a list positioned under the main picture. You should look for those letters in the picture and as you find some of them, they disappear from the picture and from the list too, so you can be concentrated better on what is left for finding. Dont think that letters cant be found on certain places because here the letters are everywhere! Actually they are on the most unpredictable places and the reason for that is the issue that you are practicing observational skills right now. If everything was so easy, you dont need to give some extra effort, but in the same time, you wont get any success. It is good to find all the letters but if you manage to be fast in doing that, well thats what we call a real success.

    Game Instructions: About the instructions, you dont have to worry. They are quite simple and quite clear so there is no chance to mess with that. It is important to have a mouse for the game and as you move over the picture with the mouse cursor, you will see that you are moving with a loop over the picture. For that dont click anything just move the cursor, but if you like to increase the view little bit more, keep the left mouse button pressed and you will be able to see the things even better. Once you spot something that you need, just click on it with the left mouse button and you have it!


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    Hidden Alphabet 6

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