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    Dream Land
    What do you dream about most often? Maybe there are some fairies in your dreams? In the following one there will be one and she will guide you through the land of dreams. You may say that they are her dreams, but sometimes getting to know some other peoples dreams may wake up something that was hidden inside you Lets start dreaming!

    Game Walkthrough: This also a hidden object game but since it is about a dream, you will see a lot of incredible sights there and you will search for some strange items like rainbow diamonds, then rainbow flowers, and rainbow candies at the end. Those objects appear in different colors, actually in the colors of the rainbow, and as you detect them, they place under the main picture, composing some kind of a rainbow (at least you can say that from the colors). There are three levels and for each level you have five minutes for finishing it and finding all 10 objects in a particular level is a condition for getting into the next level. in case that you find yourself in a point where you cant move on, this cute fairy gives you a hint, three times in each level, so together you are stronger. The girl in the game likes to go home fast but the only reason for you to finish this game fast is getting a lot of points. Otherwise, everything is just wonderful there in Dreamland there are wonderful colors, calm atmosphere, there is this cute fairy that is leading you

    Game Instructions: Perhaps you are dreamy at the moment since you are taking part of this amazing dream and thats why the instructions for playing will be easy and precise. You check out what you should look for and you start observing the whole picture, paying attention to all small details and spots of the picture. Once you spot some of the wanted objects, take the mouse and point at the object with it, clicking on it with the left mouse button. For activating the hints you do the same procedure but this time clicking on the field with fairy. We are wishing you sweet dreams!


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    Dream Land

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 65,581
    Published on: 21.04.2013
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