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    Search for Uncles Dollars
    It is not good to be a person that goes after money all the time and concerns money to be the most important thing in life but keeping your money carefully, saving them for getting something bigger and crucial like a laptop for example, or iPad, is very good and it shows that it is about a responsible person that knows how to look after his/her money, or if you like to generalize it, look after his life. Saving small money may seen insignificant for people that like to spend all the time, but that is very responsible act that points at a strong character.

    Game Walkthrough: The story that we have today is about a guy John who received a letter from his uncle. Maybe you thought this is just an ordinary letter, but I have to tell you this is not what is happening in our case. In the letter it is written that John has to find all the dollars his uncle left for him. What a happy day for John.Can you image the smile on his face? Your task in this game is to help John to find all the coins and banknotes that are all around the rooms. This house has five rooms, or five levels that need to be passed. You should search carefully every corner of each room, top explore every tiny detail because those money are pretty small, and they are in their actual size, fitted to the proportions of the rooms. The number of money that you need to find is not so important but its more important how much you would collect. Collecting 180 dollars, all coins and banknotes, is the condition for passing the level. When you start the game, your time starts running. There is no limited time for finishing the levels but finishing it faster will give you some bonus points at the end. You may also use a hint if its needed, but after one use you will have to wait for the hint field to become full again, since it becomes empty on every use.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are the final part before you start playing. Since you have sharp observational skills, nothing could make you problem, not even the instructions. You look carefully at the scene and once you see a coin or a banknote, you simply point at it with the mouse cursor and you click over it to collect it. For taking the hint, again use a click, but this time on the field where is written hint. In case that you have a laptop and you prefer playing on the touchpad, you may do that also, the game allows it. Now you better start playing because there is a lot of work to do in front of you!


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    Search for Uncles Dollars

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    Published on: 24.04.2013
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    Crinklepants (4 years ago):
    I liked this game
    CarolinaPanthersFan (5 years ago):
    Great Game!  to bad it isn't longer.

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