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    Hidden Stars Aquarium
    There is a really great natural world in the waters the lakes, the rivers, and especially the seas and oceans. In lakes and rivers the species are usually smaller while in salt water like the whales and sharks, dolphins and who knows what else, including all those colorful smaller fish, then corals, sponges and of course, the stars. Those stars characterize with bright red color but also they could appear in other colors too, and they are all wonderful and really eye catching. Now lets start one interesting underwater journey!

    Game Walkthrough: In this game you will see all the variants where those stars can be found. You start with a sea, then some ocean, a regular aquarium, and so one and in every place you have to search for the hidden stars. In every level there are five stars each and all of them give you points. Maybe you are used to find all items in order to go into the next level but in this case it is little bit different. You start with one level, you search until you find as many stars as you can, and in case that you are stuck in some point, you are allowed to check out the next level. To move to the next level just use the white stars that are positioned on both sides of the main scene. If you dont find everything again, you may continue to the next level and so on until the time runs away. The total given time period is 300 seconds and when this time is over, the game is over too. Stars appear in different colors and sizes so be really attentive in order to find most of them. Also know that there is no hint available in the game so you are on your own.

    Game Instructions: To move through the levels, just click on the stars that are given on both sides. When you see a star, point at it using the mouse and click with the left mouse button to collect it. Find as many stars as you can, to earn a lot of points and get a nice place on the rank list.


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    Hidden Stars Aquarium

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    Published on: 27.04.2013
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