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    Find the Objects in Gym
    In healthy body, healthy mind! That is the parole that we should always remember and respect. There are numerous ways to train and everyone could find easily the sport that is most appropriate for him/her. Some people enjoy training out and choose sports like cycling, running or playing football or basketball, while other people prefer to train in the gym hall and go for fitness, aerobic and similar sports. What would you choose is not matter at all, what is important is to be resistant and train regularly.

    Game Walkthrough: However, when you exercise, you need to do some breaks from time to time, and excellent way to relax and do something effective at the same time, is to play those hidden object games. This is the perfect way to have fun and train your observational skills. We are still at the sports so this game includes pictures of gym halls. You will see that in every picture there are numerous equipments that could be used to make your body stronger, but you have to look only for particular once. You see the whole picture and under that picture you see a list of 10 objects. Actually again it is about pictures, silhouettes of the wanted objects, so observe them well, remember them, and you may start searching. For every found item you earn 50 points while every mistake that you might do will cost you 25 points less. The time for playing each level is not limited but if you are faster in your moves, you will get some extra points at the end of each level, so it would be nice if you manage to do that. It is important to know that there are no any hints available for this game so its everything up to you and your observational skills. Good luck!

    Game Instructions: Clicking with the mouse is the only move that is recommended to know to play this game. You watch the whole scene carefully and once you spot an object, simply point and click on it using the left mouse button. If you are on your laptop, you may play the game using the touchpad as well.


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    Find the Objects in Gym

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    Published on: 04.05.2013
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    19racerlady (2 years ago):
    most difficult game EVER...

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