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    Hidden Numbers Library
    Every library is a nice and quiet place where people study, read books or make some kind of researches or write them down. There is some special atmosphere there because all people are so quiet too, and so concentrated to their work. Usually the only sound you can hear is the sound the books make when people turn the pages but in our case we will here pleasant music while we do our job. And what will be our job in this game? Well of course, finding hidden objects.

    Game Walkthrough: The objects that are hidden here are actually numbers, the numbers from 1 to 20. We know that you know those numbers but for better preview of what have you achieve in the game, you have a list of those numbers under the main picture. As you detect those numbers on the picture, they disappear from them but they also disappear from the list, so you wont have any problems. There is no time limit for finishing the levels but when you start playing, the time starts running and you have to be fast so you could earn a lot of points and bonuses at the end of the play. Also you have to be precise in your moves because with every wrong move your score reduces for 100 points. There are no hints available in the game but thats why there is a loop included in the game. Perhaps it doesnt tell you exactly where are the numbers but it increases the total view so it makes it easy to find the numbers.

    Game Instructions: Sharp observational skills are required for this game but youll be totally ok with the instructions for playing because they are quite simple. You move with the mouse cursor over the picture and you actually increase your view point with the loop. Once you spot a hidden number, point at it precisely and click on it with the left mouse button, making sure that wont miss it. If you have laptop, you may play the game on the touchpad instead of using mouse, of course if you prefer playing that way.


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    Hidden Numbers Library

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    Published on: 07.05.2013
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