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    Hidden Alphabet 10
    What could be the connection between the letters of the alphabet and some hotel rooms, including the restaurants? Well perhaps nothing, there is no need to get into some illogic association but however, this game connects those two things in order to create an interesting game play that will capture your attention for certain period of time. And knowing the alphabet is not a condition for playing the game, so younger children can play it too, they just need to have developed motor skills and to be able to play with the mouse. So lets get start!

    Game Walkthrough: As we mentioned above, this game includes 5 levels, 5 pictures took in hotel rooms and rooms that are part of a hotel. Your task in the game is to find all the letters of the English alphabet and in case that you dont know them, there is a list with them under the main picture. This list will be useful for you to have a better preview of your actions because as you detect the letters they disappear from the picture, but they disappear from the list too. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet and if you manage to find them all, you move into the next level. Those letters could be hidden everywhere, even on most strange places, but you will easily find them if you are focused on the scene. And better be focused because there is no hint available in the game. There is a button where is written help but it will only lead you to some other page where you will find forum about the game, and it is quite sure that you wont solve your dilemma there, and to get an answer to your question, you would have to wait a lot.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are simple and clear. With moving with the mouse cursor over the main scene you actually move a loop that increases the details. Once you spot a letter with your loop, just click on it with the left mouse button and thats the whole procedure. Play the game on the touchpad of the laptop if you prefer like that, the game allows it.


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    Hidden Alphabet 10

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    Published on: 10.05.2013
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