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    Spirits in Prison
    Sisters Marylin and Andrea are sent by priest Timothy in the closed church. Their mission is to handle the spirits who are captured there, and are trying to escape. The captured spirits are mentioned in the Bible, in Peter's gospel. It is said that those spirits were disobedient, and God captured them in this church. They are making trouble again. These spirits were never holy. They were always against God, and He captured them in this church hoping that they'll change their mind and accept His will.

    Find all the letters on the screen to find out the name of the leader of this rebellious spirits. Augustinel is the name of the leader of the ghosts. We need to find and contact him. We need to find the few holy items that are left in this church, and set them near the altar. That will prevent the evil spirits from escaping. The peace on the Earth is in our hands. If we don't manage to calm down the evil spirits, they will escape, and will bring evil everywhere. My sister needs my help, I'll go and help her. I will leave one lady with you, she is a strong believer and knows best which items are holy.

    Priest Timothy is experienced in fighting the evil spirits. He told us that we shouldn't be scared of them. If they feel our fear, they'll become stronger. Nobody has entered this church for centuries. The spirits felt our presence and got upset. I'll go and talk to Augustinel. Augustinel won't talk to me. The bottles with holy water are hidden here, find them all, because we need them. We have the holy water, and now we can confront the evil spirits. This water will keep them peaceful for many centuries.


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    Spirits in Prison

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 51,622
    Published on: 12.12.2016
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    coldon45 (9 months ago):
    AWESOME GAMES Thank you

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