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    Everlasting Night
    This girl didn't expect that her regular journey will turn into something like this. She thought it will be just a regular drive that happens at night but this night seems everlasting... You are wondering why? Meet Ellen and see what happen to her. Perhaps you will be the one that will provide the answer for this unusual situation and help her.

    Namely, Ellen has arrived in this small city that is completely unknown for her. This city can't be seen even on the map what makes it a rather big mystery. Actually Ellen is lost with her vehicle here, and she run out of gas, so she stopped here in one gas station in order to fill her tank and continue her drive. On her surprise, Ellen soon realizes that there is no one there. Actually the whole city is empty; there is no one there too!

    On the other hand, since her first step in this city, Ellen feels as there is always someone around her, someone that is watching her all the time. This is a rather strange feeling but from time to time she even thinks that it is about a ghost town, as the whole city and its citizens are just a mirage. Ellen definitely doesn't feel comfortable in this place, so she needs to find a way to get out from there as soon as she can.


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    Everlasting Night

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 74,053
    Published on: 24.12.2017
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