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    Wicked Christmas
    After the traditional Christmas dinner, Lori leaves into her room. Since she was responsible for this dinner, she really deserves a break. Everything went great; she is really satisfied from everything, it is same with her guests as well, so now it's time to fall asleep and enjoy the dreams... However, it seems that falling asleep won't be that easy tonight. After a while Lori wakes up, disturbed by some strange intensive light.

    She is really upset about that light so she comes out from the house, trying to figure out what is going on. While everyone is sleeping, Lori starts exploring the terrain around the house, with intention to discover what exactly is going on. Lori notices that something is happening around the house where she lives - all of a sudden all lights begin to shine but also all the vehicles around the house start working! Lori is confused by what she sees but at the same time she is terrified.

    It's like some horror movie that is happening right in front of her eyes and she doesn't have a clue what should she do next. On the other hand, here is her care for the family and that is what gives courage to Lori, to find out what is going on. She starts guessing that it might be the spirit of the previous owners of the house because according to the stories told by the local citizens, there were some strange happenings even before, they usually happened around Christmas...


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    Wicked Christmas

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 113,541
    Published on: 26.12.2016
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