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    Airport Service
    Working on an airport is a very responsible job. Imagine just how many people pass there every day – numerous! And the thing that is most important in those cases is their safety. We live in complicated times and everything could happen, that's why the security is very important.

    Roger works at the state airport. He is probably on the most responsible work place. His everyday duty is to check out every gate at the airport to see what passes through them. He looks if someone has forgotten a part of his baggage or if there are some suspicious objects that have to be reported to the authorities.

    Roger usually doesn't say much about his job. He keeps it secret because there are some things that he sees that shouldn't be said in public because they could threaten people's security but however, he has decided to share a part of his everyday duties with us and show us how his working day looks like. Today he will look for some lost objects and you will be with him to help him in case that something passes unnoticed. Roger has a task to take the found objects in the lost and found section and after that they will be delivered the persons they belong to. Let's see Roger's job closely and explore the state airport.


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    Airport Service

    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 23.01.2017
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    All comments (6)
    Annamarie (7 years ago):
    play all most every day love to play it
    Annamarie (7 years ago):
    It seam they want comment on the game by me is the same load and stop then you must wait before it load again
    mummy819 (7 years ago):
    Why does it not load properly???
    couchie501 (7 years ago):
    Best game you have.But I don't like the bonus game ,need zuma back.THANK YOU!
    Pooky6045 (7 years ago):
    Not loading again.  Black screen.  Please fix.
    trout26805 (7 years ago):
    will not fully load and it's an ongoing problem. I waited to load and it stops shot of loading

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