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    Garden of Gods
    All of us we want to be strong and with great powers. The mythologies, no matter if Greek or Romanian, or some else, are full of strong men and women that fight the evil, conquest the attention of the people and be loved by everyone. Just like Helios, who is personified as the God of the son in the Greek mythology, our hero of the game has similar characteristic. As the mythology described Helios as handsome titan with a shining aureole of the Sun. As an equivalent of Helios, in the Roman mythology we are introduced to Sol Invictus.

    Gods and demigods existed to make people admire them. People in the ancient world believed in polytheism, in the richness of the Gods and they feared their punishments if not respected. In our game we have a similar god, this time a person with the same name as the God of the sun.

    Helios is the son of the last king of Vessaronia. During the years his father has told a lot of legends and stories, but one story has left a great mark in his head. The story of the Garden of Gods is one of those remarkable stories that left great impression on him, since he was a child. The mysterious thing with this story was that only the bravest and the toughest can find it. Helios decides to do it and long years have passed by, he finally discovers the Garden of Gods. There is a magical water that gives the common people immortality and puts them close to the gods. Helios wants to find that magical water. You, our precious player, can help the last king of Vessaronia in his mission. Start the pursuit and enjoy the game!


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    Garden of Gods

    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 31.01.2017
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    keibre (9 months ago):

    Two-Bears (4 years ago):
    Bubble shooter game still does not play as well as it use to. It use to be  like playing pool. You could bank, & etc. Now, no matter where you aim, the bubble goes randomly where ever. Otherwise, games have been playing great for me.

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