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    At the Oscars
    The Oscars are still believed to be the most important event for the film industry. Every year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences chooses best movies for the past year, recognizing excellence in cinematic achievements in the United States film industry in general, divided into 24 categories. The winners of the different categories are awarded with a copy of a statuette, formally called the Academy Award of Merit, but it has become generally recognized by its nickname 'Oscar'.

    Besides the formal character of this event, the Oscars are real entertainment for the viewers. This show is broadcasting on TV so it's one of the most watched TV shows ever and that's why the organization of this event pays a lot of attention everything to look glamorous and fun. Numerous celebrities come to this event and aside from the nominations, the red carpet is something that the audience enjoys most and that's why all of them make sure to look as perfect as possible for this great night.

    And when people organize an event that big as the Oscars, you may imagine how much job there is for the ones involved in the actual process of realization of the whole manifestation. Numerous people are engaged in preparing everything, starting from the scene, the hall where the Oscars are held, the red carpet outside the hall, the places where the celebrities will sit during the show... Well Sara is one of the main people in charge for organization of the event. The celebrities will arrive any minute and Sara needs to walk through all places where they will pass in order to make sure everything is all right.


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    At the Oscars

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