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    The 8th of March
    The 8th of March is internationally accepted as Woman's day. As we all probably know, this day commemorates the struggle for women's rights but in many cases this occasion is forgotten and women simply enjoy giving each other presents and receiving presents from their husbands and relatives, which is also very nice.

    Samuel is at the moment in the city trade center. Today is 8th of March and he has one single intention – to wish his wife happy women's day and he likes to do that with some special present. He walks around the mal exploring every shop window, looking for something that could be nice for his woman. He likes to be unique but at the same time to give her something that will use her very much. Besides his wife, Samuel likes to surprise all women from his family, buying them something interesting as well. This might be an interesting task but also it would be a hard task because choosing so many presents is quite demanding and he will have to spend a lot of time to choose the right ones. Relatively, he knows the priorities of these women because they are his closest relatives, so now it's time to choose the right things.

    Samuel could choose the presents by his own but it would be much nicer if you help him because he doesn't have too much time. He has time but so many present ask for a lot of walking around through the mol. Let's enjoy this 8th of March adventure and help Samuel prove once again that he is a real gentleman.


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    The 8th of March

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    Published on: 08.03.2017
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    All comments (2)
    admin (7 years ago):
    Dear mabby
    We are very sorry if we have offended you. In some countries, it is considered a tradition that every man buys flowers and presents for the women in their life to celebrate the fight for women's rights. This game was a small gift of appreciation. We all remember the struggle and the fight for women's rights. It was never our intention to offend you.

    Hidden4fun team
    mabby (7 years ago):
    This is a very serious subject to make a game, sorry. And we all know exactly what we are remembering, the death of many women in a factory when their rights were ignored, Rockefeller started a fire and all of them died inside, It has nothing to do with presents or flowers. We are not that vane!! Thanks.

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