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    The Oracle Stone
    There are many stories about fortunetelling – old and contemporary stories. Even though a lot of people don't believe in things like this, there are many evidences that prove that something that was cast really happen. Besides some locals that have been famous in their place for their unusual characteristic, people know Nostradamus for example. He was a person who has managed to predict many important events in the human history. Maybe not all his predictions were true or maybe they didn't happen at that particular time, but most of them appeared to be true. However, in this game it is not about a person but about an object, a stone that has predicted many happenings.

    Diane is on her way to discover something big. It is a fortunetelling stone that is located in an old abandoned village. Diane has her family roots in this village and that's what makes this act very challenging for her. According to the stories, this stone was able to predict the future of Diane's people. That is how they managed to know what should they expect when it comes to natural and other catastrophes. They used its predictions to be safe and avoid even bigger catastrophes.

    This stone was forbidden for use before about 100 years but no one knows why. Now Diane is on a mission to find out why was this stone forbidden and forgotten for such a long time, having in mind its huge importance.


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    The Oracle Stone

    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 19.04.2017
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