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    The Fishermans Curse
    Fishing is definitely very addictive hobby. People that have felt the thrill related to catching an actual fish, usually can't escape from the trap and they try again and again, until they become actual fishermen. But as a matter of fact, fishing is an excellent leisure time. It is just you and the nature; the lake, the river or even the ocean and fishing rot. Perhaps this is the most contemplative sport that asks for a huge concentration and patience. And another thing that always follows the fishing are the fisherman's stories. Some of those stories are related to rumors about catching an enormously big fish while the others are related to sailing, sometimes fishermen's ghosts or something similar...

    Frank is an ex-fisherman, but also he is a passionate fan of fishermen's tales and legends. He is always wondering if those stories are true or just a fruit of someone's imagination. And according to his experience, it is a combination of both. At the moment, Frank is in one abandoned port. There are rumors that here is the spirit of one evil fisherman. As the legend says, many years ago all boats that started floating from there have sunk. That is the reason why no one uses this harbor any more. All fishermen are afraid that perhaps their boats will sink too in case they start sailing from this spot.

    Frank is at this enigmatic place with intention to solve the great mystery related to the spirit of the evil fisherman. He has to find all the traces and objects that lead to solving this situation. Let's help him find out what is going on and help those fishermen continue their sailing form this port.


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    The Fishermans Curse

    Genres: Scary
    Played: 88,835
    Published on: 21.07.2017
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    codyjoy1 (6 years ago):
    will games not save scores etc?
    mabby (6 years ago):
    Pls, give the chance to play zuma again, as you did it before, something is happening with the shooter. Thanks guys.
    bobby1 (6 years ago):
    very good game thank you

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